Best Truck Accident Law Firms in Chicago

Are you searching for the Best Truck Accident Law Firms in Chicago? We classified trucking accident attorney Chicago using over 25 criteria in five areas, then analyzed the data to provide you a hand-picked list of the best. Our mission is to link people with the greatest specialists in their fields.

List of Best Truck Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Gainsberg Law P.C

Gainsberg Law PC, based in Chicago, assists truck accident victims in obtaining compensation. Its attorneys have extensive expertise in managing complex accident cases involving semi-trucks and other oversized vehicles. They are committed to helping injured victims in receiving payment for expenditures like lost wages and medical bills. Gainsberg Law PC’s skilled truck accident attorneys in Chicago are admitted to practice in state and federal courts across Illinois. Medical malpractice, mass transport accidents, and product liability are some of the other areas of practice.

Joel Gould Law Offices

Joel Gould Law Offices is a based truck accident lawyer in Chicago and assists clients in filing claims for injuries experienced in truck and vehicle accidents. Its legal staff assists in holding negligent parties financially liable by communicating with their representatives to reach an agreement. Medical bills and earnings lost due to time away from work are frequently sought in claims. The company can represent clients in court if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of discussions.

Marszalek & Marszalek

Marszalek & Marszalek is a legal company based in Chicago that defends clients who have been wounded in catastrophic truck accidents. Its goal is to help victims get compensated for their pain and suffering and hold those responsible accountable for crash-related expenses like medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. Clients are represented throughout the case, from initial contact with insurance adjusters through trial processes if settlement attempts fail.

Shammas Law Office

Shammas Law Office has a Victory rate of 99.5 percent and has helped clients obtain millions in settlements and jury judgments. Michael A. Shammas was designated one of Chicago Magazine’s “Top Attorneys in Illinois,” honor was given to less than 2% of all Illinois lawyers. Michael has also been designated one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Several 5-star customer reviews speak to his success and the aggressive and dynamic representation he provides. The company focuses on all aspects of personal injury law.

Best Truck Accident Attorney in Chicago

The Kryder Law Group

The Kryder Law Group, LLC handles victims of various personal injuries in the Chicagoland area, including transportation accidents. The firm’s founder, Andrew S. Kryder, heads a team of personal injury lawyers that handle all types of individual injury cases, including car accidents, medical malpractice, construction accidents, slip-and-falls, workers’ compensation, and nursing home abuse. The Kryder Law Group, LLC now has four more offices around Illinois.

Clifford Law Offices

Since 1984, Clifford Law Offices has been serving clients in Chicago, Illinois. Accidents involving vehicles, construction, and aviation are a specialty of the firm. The legal team is reimbursed only if their clients are compensated. Therefore they work on a contingency fee basis. The firm was named one of the 50 Elite Law Firms in the United States by the National Law Journal. Class action lawsuits, medical malpractice, premises liability, and sexual harassment cases are also accepted.

Dixon Law Office

Dixon Law Office counsels and represents persons injured in truck accidents across the Chicago metropolitan area. Semi-trucks, delivery trucks, and trash trucks are among the commercial trucks the firm has handled in the past. Because these collisions may be particularly damaging due to the size of the trucks involved, the firm’s top truck crash lawyer in Chicago frequently aids clients in obtaining compensation for high medical costs and lost wages due to their inability to work via litigation.

Langdon & Emison Attorneys at Law

Langdon & Emison (trucking accident attorney Chicago) Attorneys at Law in Chicago and the surrounding areas represented personal injury litigants and counseled. Commercial vehicle and semi-truck accidents are among the claims handled by the company. In addition, the company handles claims concerning consumer goods defects and various types of car accidents. It has been recognized by several professional organizations, including Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers, on several occasions.

The Law Office of Jill M. Webb LLC

The Law Office of Jill M. Webb LLC serves people in the Chicago metro area who have been seriously injured in large vehicles. The firm guides clients through their options and supports them in choosing a legal approach to redress their losses. It files official claims against truck drivers and their employers and other parties like manufacturers and negotiates the best possible settlement or court award.

Best Truck Accident Law Firms in Chicago

Levin, Riback, Adelman, & Flangel PC

Levin, Riback, Adelman, & Flannel PC is a Chicago law firm representing clients in truck accident claims in the metro area. The firm brings litigation on behalf of seriously injured or financially disadvantaged individuals to hold negligent parties responsible. It makes every effort to ensure that documents are filed correctly and that uncontrolled contact does not jeopardize the case. The firm meets with insurance adjusters and opposing counsel in an attempt to reach an acceptable settlement.

Levinson & Stefani

Levinson & Stefani is a Chicago-based car accident law firm that protects clients. Through mediation and litigation, the firm handles truck accident claims, aggressively pursuing financial reimbursement for expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, and lost income. Levinson & Stefani is a member of the American Association for Justice, among other professional organizations. Avvo and Super Lawyers have both given it high marks.

McCready Law

McCready Law, truck accident lawyer Chicago, defends clients who have been wounded in truck accidents. The team of results-driven truck accident lawyers in Chicago works to build a case to seek compensation from individuals who have caused accidents due to their negligence. Truck accidents frequently result in severe or catastrophic injuries. The firm supports clients in bringing claims for damages such as medical bills, property damage, lost profits, pain and suffering, and a variety of other miscellaneous losses.

Sherwood Law Group

Sherwood Law Group, a truck accident lawyer Chicago-based firm that represents individuals who have been seriously or fatally injured in truck accidents, is well-known among Chicago truck accident lawyers. The firm’s goal is to assist these people in obtaining compensation for their losses and extra damages for intangible injuries such as pain and suffering or psychological stress. Its legal team compiles evidence to present to insurance adjusters and opposition council members. The firm will go to court if settlement talks fail to achieve an agreeable conclusion.

Wise Morrissey, LLC

Wise Morrissey LLC is a Chicago-based law firm that defends people who have been wounded in truck, car, or motorcycle accidents. It advises clients in event investigations, protects their rights, and helps them sue those responsible for their injuries and financial losses. When attempts at a peaceful conclusion fail, the firm’s team of dedicated Chicago truck accident lawyers strives to get as much compensation as possible via mediation and trial.

Best Accident Attorney in Chicago

Matushek Nilles

Matushek Nilles is a truck accident lawyer Chicago-based law practice that represents trucking companies and their drivers in court. Client claims, which often seek reimbursement for alleged injuries and property damage, lost wages, and intangible losses, are frequently discredited or minimized by the company. It represents them in settlement disputes to lower the total amount clients must reimburse. It will represent them in court if a settlement cannot be reached.

The Finn Law Firm

The Finn Law Firm defends clients in truck accident cases across the Chicago metropolitan area. Because many clients are seriously injured due to a truck driver’s carelessness, the firm usually assists them in getting compensation to pay significant hospital bills and earnings lost due to a temporary or permanent inability to work. It acts as an advocate and counselor during the negotiation and trial periods. Two other areas of practice are workplace injury and medical malpractice.

TorHoerman Law

TorHoerman Law is a truck accident lawyer Chicago-based firm that represents people who have been injured in truck accidents. The highly renowned truck accident lawyers in Chicago are familiar with a broad range of truck accident scenarios. They can aid clients in determining legal options depending on the facts of each case. It manages claims for compensation for medical expenses incurred due to the incident, lost wages as a result of the injuries, and other possible losses such as property damage.

Whiting Law Group

Whiting Legal Group is one of the Best Truck Accident Law Firms in Chicago that serves clients all around the city. Its legal team is committed to actively representing truck accident victims by conducting extensive investigations into each case and fighting for justice and restitution for its clients. The National Board of Trial Advocacy has certified Timothy M. Whiting, a Chicago truck accident lawyer, in truck accident law. He is licensed to practice in both state and federal courts in Illinois.

David A. Axelrod & Associates

Truck accident victims are represented by David A. Axelrod & Associates, a Chicago law firm. The firm supports these individuals in pursuing financial compensation from drivers, businesses, manufacturers, and other third parties that contributed to the accident’s harm. It gathers evidence from crash sites and medical records of its clients’ treatment to build the most robust case possible and encourage opponents to settle rather than fight in court.

Dinizulu Law Group Ltd

Dinizulu Law Group Ltd., located in Chicago, defends truck accident victims in their pursuit of compensation for catastrophic injuries and financial losses caused by negligence. The firm files formal claims on their behalf oversees the discovery process to gather the most compelling evidence and engage in negotiations in the hopes of reaching an agreement on a fair settlement. If efforts to avoid trial fail, the famous Chicago truck accident attorneys will create a case to fight in court on behalf of their clients.

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